Hello there, after spend all month to making t-shirt for sell at Fat T-shirt #6 under labeled “ETHNICITY” ,There are 6 designs  digital printing   on  3 pattern of  t-shirt   ,regular tee , oversized   t-shirt and   dress  . ETHNICITY  provides  3 colours  of   fabric ,light pink,beige and   gray.  On setup day i got to impact areana about 6.30 pm. with highly traffic jam  arranged my shop and went back to my place of prepare for big selling dayyyyy.

15 may 2010 , Selling day

i got there quite late  , hurry to continue set up my shop,  hang  t-shirt  put up  a sign and  put the lights on 😉

below   are ETHNICITY ‘s lookbook

model : junji ,chin , pudding ,numpunch

place :Miki’s condo , The embrabio  sukhumvit 24 ,



make up :pudding ,numpunch ,junji

enjoy ❤

there’re such a great  experience  . Big thanks of helping me . 😉 thanks my parent for everything Thanks parn , waen ,maa,pimmily,chorn ,oil,pudding,junji and chin .

thanks  PR10 , LUNAMART,SARUTI,GEORGE S. ,PENCIL CASE, TELLTALES. We have been through many  suffering thing  hope  next year we ‘ll fight it  together again, At last thank you my purchaser 😉


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