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A brush with colour

Eating Almond Meringue while thinking “How long that i didn’t paint?”

So,These pictures below are my art work

which I’d draw when  I was in high school,

getting ready for the entrance. As far as I can remember,

It was a very hard period to beat.

I did it ,but was found that life are much more than that.

It’s getting long,I think. So just have a look at it

hope you like it as me like ❤

All have painted by poster colour on paper.



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Hello people. It’s Numpunch ,a 19 years old girl who very new to this kind of things,wordpress’s things,

Bit of confused and feels like coughs in the middle of typing .

Anyway I’m a student which study about Art and design based in Thailand.

I mention to use this blog as my  exhibit to display my design,things that i love or interest and live journey included

So for my first post i decided to upload  my last year project that my friends and i was assigned to created a fashion set.

And the theme was MOD ,a subculture that originated in London,England

in the late 1950s and peaked in the early to mid 1960s,.

Let’s take a look,hope you enjoy 🙂


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